Single and Double girder gantry crane with hooks is applied outside warehouse or railway sideways to do common lifting and unloading works. This kind of crane is composed of bridge, support legs, crane travelling organ, trolley, electric equipment, strong lifting winch. The frame adopts box-type welding mechanism. Crane travellilng mechanism adopts separate driver. All mechanisms are operated in the driver cabin. Power is supplied by cable or slide wire. There are different capacity double beams gantry crane for your choice according to your different use. 




Features of double girder eot cranes and single girder eot crane


Compared with the single girder eot crane, double girder eot cranes have one more bridge beam. Because of the double girder, they are available to offering higher capacity than other cranes.

Lifting height

A trolley was equipped as the lifting mechanism that travels on the two bridge beams. The hook can be pulled up between the two beams, so double girder eot cranes offer a better hook height in the given room.


Due to the flexible configuration, kfcrane will try the best to meet the demands of special working situation, such as steel industry, explosion-proof place, isolated place, etc.


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