Single girder cranes are designed to cover a wide range of modern industrial demands, providing excellent value for money with no compromise on performance. Henan Hercules single girder crane has reduced wheel loads, saving costs on new support structures and increased lifting capacities on existing structures.A structure  composed of track ,side track for horizontal movement , turn plate ,and other sections ,form a 3D network for material conveyance Multiple control mechanism,able for centralized control ,scattered control measures, and the dollies are able to perform full automatic operations according to the set program ;Random material supply system for random applications for vehicle request by service positions to be mace through random material supply system ,with random complication of characteristic address code of service positions through dollies, for them to directly  reach the stations where vehicles are requested for material supply,High performance with most economical price.



Single girder crane utilized for medium to heavy fabrication. These overhead cranes are ideally suited to low buildings, where a high hook lift height is required.The top running configuration is best used in cases where the end user has issues with headroom. The most space efficient configuration is the double girder, top running crane system.

Control mode: Cabin control/remote control/control panel with pendant line

Lifting Mechanism: Monorail wire rope hoist or chain hoist 

Trolley Speed: Single or Dual or Step less as per required


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