KFCRANE as the member of China Lifting Industry Association and executive director member of China’s Heavy Industry Association, KFCRANE have gotten production, installation, modification and maintenance licenses of electric hoist, single and double girder overhead and gantry crane. We have the safety approval certificates of 320 ton overhead crane and 280 ton foundry crane.We have passed CE, GOST SGS, OHSAS, and ISO9001:2000 international quality control standard, ISO14001:1996 environment and ISO9001:2001 health and safety standard. Now, a perfect quality-control system, a strict management system established, strong production capabilities and advanced testing measures to ensure the high production and high quality.


The single girder overhead crane introduction


The single girder overhead crane is small lifting capacity and travel along high I-Steel track.

It is one kind of light duty crane,it is widely used in plants,warehouses,materials stocks to lift goods or materials.It is prohibited to use this equipment in the combustible,explosive and corrosive environment.

Protection Device:                                                                                                             


The crane and trolley have travelling stop block, hook have double limiters,


one of them is on drum.


Crane equipped with audible and visible alarm, and slipping line protection device


prevents any danger to person;


A cage is fixed on bus bar side under the main girder,


convenient to repair the slip line.


All of the connection axis, floating shaft all has the shield to prevent danger.


All doors on crane have interlock protection device, when the door is open,


crane will stop travelling.